Why you should never lie on your CV

In my workshops, when it comes to acting CVs, I always tell actors; “DO NOT FEAR the white space”

It is very common for beginner actors to add as many credits, skills and training as they possibly can so they look like they are a well seasoned actor. Sometimes, they even fudge it a little.

In one of my casting experiences, I had shortlisted an actor to audition for a lead role. I happen to be in a meeting with the actor’s CV physical copy. One of the production crew knew this actor, as he had cast her in his own project. Scanning over her CV, he realised the actor had upgraded her role from “supporting” to “lead”.

Obviously taken aback, he voiced this to everyone in the meeting.


Next person in line please.

No one will hire someone who is dishonest. And this is dishonesty. Building a film is built on trust. Hiring crew and cast is also about trust. If you lie, you lose our trust. Don’t be dishonest.

The film industry is very very small. People talk. About you!

If you have a few minor roles on your CV as opposed to ten lead roles, don’t stress! You will not be put to the bottom of the pile. You may look like the character we want and/or your reel may have already sold us.

And you should never forget, everyone wants to discover the next big thing.

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Don’t fear the white space.

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2 comments to Why you should never lie on your CV

  • Linda Smith  says:

    I really appreciated the comments on this as, like you say, it is so tempting to lie about experience, but I’m sure will always come back to bite you on the bum in the end!

  • Josephine Croft  says:

    Hmm this has made me question a credit I have. I’ve always thought I would be a lead but I perhaps could be a supporting. How does one define this if never stated on any of the material?

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