Inside the Audition: Where to look

When you’re doing an audition, it’s really important to know where to look, and most importantly, where not to look.

Most of the time, you will get a side that incorporates a conversation with another character.

It feels natural to bring someone on the panel (i.e. the producer, director or casting director) into your scene.

That’s always a bad idea.

Don’t look directly at the Producer, Director or Casting Director. It’s ok when it’s just the CD in the room but when there’s a panel don’t do it!

Use the reader if there is one. If there isn’t one, I suggest looking just above the heads of the panel. Pick a spot in the room, toward the direction of the camera. And use that spot as the other character in your script.

Never pull someone in the scene that’s sitting on the panel. It makes them feel very uncomfortable and it’s very distracting. You don’t want that; you want us to take notice of your performance.

Short and sweet post from me but very importante!

Have you got any more tips you can share with an actor? Write it in the comments section below!



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  • jenny gates  says:

    I’ve always wondered. Thanks.

  • Georgiana Pinwill  says:

    Thank you for all your amazing articles that have really helped my auditions success!

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