Workshops are coming to your city!

I’m very excited to announce that I am doing my audition/casting workshops in Perth, Sydney, Brissy and Melbourne!!!

Dates are to be confirmed however, these are the months you can expect my workshops in your city:

Perth: March

Brisbane: March

Sydney: April

Melbourne: April

I just need a small favour! Do you have a great venue that you think I should use? and what other workshops are happening in those months? I don’t want to set my dates during someone else’s workshops!

If you can help me by listing venues and other workshops in this survey, it would help me so much! And I can finally come to your city!!

I can’t wait to meet you!!

PS: headshot sessions are running every weekend! Click here to schedule your session.

2 comments to Workshops are coming to your city!

  • Penelope Andrews  says:

    Hey Jac,

    The hub studio hires out rooms for very cheap prices.


  • Louise Dwyer  says:

    Are you coming to Gold Coast? My Agent may have a room for workshops her name is Amanda Belton 0407248622. Amanda would also know what other workshops would be happening on Gold Coast.
    Louise Dwyer

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